SVP j'ai besoin d'un peu d'aide. Je dois faire une lettre d'amour pour la saint Valentin,en Anglais, à mon admirateur secret. Pour l'instant je n'ai pas trop d'idées. Merci d'avance

hi sweety! I' ve heard you liked me lot. I do too. Why didn't tell me before ? Could we meet at the coffee around the corner to talk about that? I'm shivering to have you in front of me, I'm so shy, and I guess you're too. So , for once, let's forget what people think and I would really te spend a quiet and nice moment with you, only YOU.Please don't say no, my heart will be broken..... Have a nice day, I'm waiting for your answer
i love you ........... it is beautiful and black


Valentine’s Day … An occasion that makes me want to write to you, which I don’t do very often. Even if I usually act as the tough and proud guy, you do know that deep down beneath the façade I’m a sensible and tender man (I’m writing this here, but wouldn’t shout it all over the place!). I won’t send you a beautiful poem on a pretty colorful paper with all kinds of hearts drawn around, but only one single heart: mine…This is indeed a good occasion, in the midst of our rushed life and daily problems, to tell you that I love you and that day after day you’re making me a very happy man.These words may seem banal, but I really do hope that, for you, they won’t be. I’m jealous of all those people who can express their love by singing, dancing, sculpting or painting! For me, it can only be by writing this short letter and offering you … a surprise!I hope that you’ll like my “present” (will it surprise you ? I’m not sure!)You are my darling, you are my daily present, I’m so happy we met. Looking forward to seeing you (very, very) soon, I’m sending you all my love and many tender kisses …Yours for ever
hoo my love how to tell you what I resent? I love you more than anything in the world you enlightened my days as the sun illuminates the earth was I love you I love you and there are no words to describe my love you are the prince of my life . signed your princess secret.