Je dois parler de Martin Fourcade en anglais !
Alors je sais que :
- il est né le 14 septembre 1988
- C'est un biathlète français
- sa carrière démarre en 2006 au niveau international
- Il débute le biathlon à quinze ans
- Il devient double champion olympique aux Jeux olympiques de Sotchi cette année (2 médailles d'or ainsi qu'une médaille d'argent)

Et c'est tout ! Il me faudrait plus d'info sur lui (si possible en anglais mais sinon c'est pas grave ) :)

Merci à ceux qui vont m'aider !

Va sur Wiki en version anglais, c'est mieux rédiger ;)


Martin Fourcade (born September 14, 1988) is a French bi-athlete and non-commissioned officer. Fourcade is a five-time World Champion, twice an Olympic champion and twice winner of the Overall World Cup .

Fourcade took up biathlon in 2002 and started competing internationally in 2006, following in the footsteps of his older brother Simon Fourcade. The younger Fourcade competed for France in the 2007 and 2008 Junior World Championships, winning a bronze medal in the relay in 2007.Fourcade first competed in the Biathlon World Cup at Oslo in March 2008, finishing 61st in what would be his only World Cup appearance that season. The next season was already much more successful for him, as he grabbed his first World Cup points at Hochfilzen, placing 36th in the individual race and 10th in the sprint. His best results that year came at the 2009 World Championships, where he finished in the top 20 in every competition, including an 8th place in the pursuit and a 4th place in the relay. Fourcade finished 24th in the overall World Cup that year.

Lara pouvez vous m'aider sur mon texte en anglais svp ?
Martin Fourcade, with a birth in Ceret in the Pyrenees-
Orientales, September 14, 1988, and father mountain guide
could hardly miss winter sports. In his childhood, young key to everything is however first tried to athletics, judo, swimming, mountain biking ... until his brother Simon (also biathlete high ) initiates to biathlon, sport he let it go.
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