I) Put the sentences below into the passive voice.
1) You must make a decision.
2) They will have to clean it up.
3) They are looking up the customer's name.
4) Someone ought to have told him that the meeting was at 10 PM
5) We will clean your swimming-pool this weekend.

II) Put the sentences below into the active voice.
1) This work was painted by Picasso
2) The windscreen must have benn broken by a rock
3) They must have been beaten by their rivals
4) We were forced to cancel the trop
5) The champion has been knocked out by a young boxer.

III) Rephrases the sentences using USED+TO+BV.
1) John never helped his parents in the garden when he was young
2) Jill walked to school everyday, whe she lived in the city.
3) I practised karate on Saturday
4) John always asked the same questions
5) My grand-father worked in a coal mine for twenty years
6) they don't go on vacation during the summer anymore
7) Long ago, the Aborignines were the only inhabitants of Australia



1 a decision must be taken /2 it'll have to be cleaned /3 the client's name is being looked for  4: he should have been told that the meeting was at 10 p m  5 your swimming pool is going to be cleaned this week end

voix active 1 Picasso  2 a rock must have broken the...3 their rivals must have beaten them   4 the... had tobe cancelled  4 a young boxer hit the champion