J'ai besoin d'aide svp je suis nul en Anglais please mdr :p.

Mrs Carson ne sais plus ou donner de la tête !
Dis ce qu'elle veut ou ne veux pas que ses enfants fassent.

Mrs Carson. "Tom, don't yell at your sister! Sally, comb your hair!"

Merci d'avance Kiss :p.



Tom, stop bothering your sister!!
Sally, brush your teath after every meal!!
Sally help me after you're done with washing the dishes.
Tom, stop watching tv
Sally, go to the grocery shop to buy some vegetables!!

Tom , don't shout loud !
Sally , go to bed !
Tom , do your homework !
Sally , don't eat cookies on bed !
Tom , don't go out , it's snowing !
Sally , cover well , it's a cold night !