Bonjourpeut on me dire si mes exercices sont juste mercipresent perfect or preterit1) it's the first time I HAVE MET this guy ( meet)2) it is the best book he HAS WRITTEN so far ( write)3) last monday I DECIDED I'd go to london for the next holidays (decide)4) he DIDN'T HEAR me come in so i had to wake him up ( not hear)5) HAVE you ever HEARD a funnier story? ( hear)6) they HAD lunch at 2 pm, they were starving (have)7) DID she OFFER you a present for your last birsthday? ( offer)8) i want to watch that film because I HAVE NEVER SEEN it (never see) put the words back in order1) the/ you/ ?/ read/ what/ book/ read/ is/ scariest/ have/ ever (pas reussi cela me donne n'importe quoi!!!) 2)long/been/studying/?/ English/ how/ you/ at / have/ schoolhow long have you been studying English at school 3) should / to/ paper/ people/ planet/ recycle/ savepeople should recycle paper to save planet 4)speak/ he/ listen/ if/ don't/ louder/ you/ won'tif you don't speak louder he won't listen 5) he/ the/ gets/ will/ be/ job/ surprised/ he/ ifif he gets the job he will be surprised



It's the first time I have met this guy  / It's the best novel he has written so far  /  LAST MONDAY I  DECIDED TO GO TO LONDON FOR THE NEXT HOLIDAYS /  He hasn't heard me come in so I had to wake him up  /  hAVE YOU EVER HEARD A FUNNY STORY,?/   They had lunch at 2 p.m.  , they were starving/  Did she offer you a present for your last birthday?
I want to see the movie because I've never seen it  je ne saisis pas la suite , qu'as tu voulu dire?