Transformer les phrases active en phrases passives.
Quelqu'un peut m'aider? Je ne comprend strictement rien.

1-In 1861, they gave Bill Cody a job at the Pony Express.
2-In the Wild West, they delivered mail by stage coach.
3-They are building a new road.
4-Sameone has bought all the postcards.
5-Lots of tourists visit the reservation.
6-You can complete it later.
7-You mustn't take photos inside.
8-The students will finish the work later.
9-They closed the museum during the renovation.



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En fait pour les traduire il te faut rajouter Be conjugué et le participe passé du verbe.
Ex: gave: given. + tu rajoutes BE.

1) in 1861, bill cody was given a job at the pony express
2) mail was delivered by them in the wild west by stage coach
3) new roards are being built by them
4) all the postcards have been bought by aomeone
pour la 2, 3 et 4 inutile d'ajouter by them ou by someone
oui je sais puisque le suject est impresis, mais car il lon souligne donc :/
je ne comprends pas ta dernière phrase, as tu finis l'exo?