Expression: What will you do during the winter breah? Homeworh you need to do boring things you need to do think of all the things you will do during you winter breah En 10 lignes Will have to (devoir) Will need to (besoin) Will do (faire)

those are some thing you can do them during the winter break :
1) Host a Holiday Movie Marathon. 2)Have a Snowman-Building Party . 3)Hang Out With School-Only Friends . 4)Volunteer. 5)See Santa. 6)Take On a Two-Week Creative Project. 7) See How Strong You Can Get . 8) Make a Gingerbread House.
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Here are some ideas ;

1.Invite some friends over and play in the snow.

2. Exercise. You can play sports, go on Wii Fit, or you can go to the gym.

3. Try to beat your video games or computer games. Invite some friends over to play the games with you.

4.Practice your instruments and any other skills you have. You're not in school so you have a lot of time to do this.

5.Sleep in! That will surely make the day go by faster!

6.Watch movies or go to the movie theater. Nothing entertains you while you sit back and relax like a movie does!

7.Ride your bike and go to the park. Not only will you have fun but you will also be exercising and you'll be in fresh air!

8.Play board games on a table or on the internet.

9.Have a sleepover with one or more of your buddies and maybe even try topull an all-nighter!

10.Clean up your room. 

11.Have snow competitions with your friends and neighbors!