Bonsoir, alors vous pouvez mettre :

I used to live near the sea when i was a child but i don't live there anymore because i moved to (mettre le nom de votre ville).

Il faut utiliser used to pour essayer de traduire une habitude que vous aviez lorsque vous étiez petit.

I used to play with my friend after school but i can't do it anymore because i have got many homework.
A lang time ago, when i was just a girl I loved to have an afternoon snack. I used to do it because my mother loved cook. I ate sometimes some toast with a little bit of jam but usually I ate fresh fruit like an apple or a pear. After that, I used to ride a bike in my garden, i always fell but so I was very disapointed but it's not really important. It was hilarious, i had great time!!! Then, I I plaid with one's doll. Finally, I used to make a neclasse for my mother but she never wore it. To conclude, I remeber what I did when I was too young because I had fun.
That's all!