Meilleure réponse !
Can people from different origins and cultures live peacefully together in the same country ? What a question! It has never come across my mind that people from different origins and cultures CANNOT live together in the same country. Come on people we are in the 21st century now!!! physical appearance and origin have nothing to do with relationship. Everyone has their one way of thinking and of seeing things differently from others. The most important thing is morality, respect, education and intelligence.

Ever since I was born. I have always lived with people from different origins around me, for example my next door neighbors are originally from Lebanon, the baker in our neighborhood is originally from Italy and myself, I'm half Spanish and half French. I think it is just natural to live peacefully together in our cosmopolitan society nowadays. We are so used to seeing people from different countries, hearing different languages, eating foreign food. These are part of our daily life. It also broaden our minds. Of course we can have conflicts, but mainly due to the difference of education and personalities. And in some cases, it also due to difference religions. 

After all, I can never live in a country with only one and unique nationality and religion. It's so boring. 

To conclude, the best example must be in the United States where we can talk about a real melting pot. We can live together peacefully if we can accept people the way there are, no matter their thoughts, religion and culture.