Bonjour, alors je doit présenter un heros et jai choisis spider man il fait dire son nom ses origine, ses qualités et armement et faire une liste de ses exploits et des défis qu'il n'a pas encore relevés .

Aidez moi svp . Je suis vraiment nulle...

Et il faut utiliser le present perfect etle preterit
s'il vous plaît ses pour demain je passe a l'oral


Real name : Peter Benjamin Parker
Occupation : Photographer freelance , part-time teacher
Legal Status : Citizen of the United States
Identity : Secret , known to certain government officials
Another identity : Formerly Hornet , Dusk , Ricochet , Prodigy , Black Marvel, Captain Universe, Green Hood, extravagant Man Bag , Man Bag staggering , Scarlet Spider , Spider- Hulk , Spider- Morphosis , Spider -Boy Mad Dog 336, Peter Palmer.
Place of birth : New York
Marital status: Married
Known Relatives : Richard Parker (father, deceased), Mary Parker (mother, deceased), Benjamin Parker (uncle, deceased) , May Parker ( aunt ), Mary Jane Watson - Parker ( wife ) , May Parker ( daughter, born presumed dead ) , Will Fitzpatrick ( grandfather ), Benjamin Reilly (Scarlet Spider , clone, deceased), Kaine (clone ), other clones ( deceased)
Group Affiliation : Avengers , formerly the Outlaws , the Fantastic Four , the team of the Daily Buggle
First appearance : USA: Amazing Fantasy vol.1 # 15 - France : Fantask # 4
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 75 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Chestnut

With the proportional strength of a spider, Spider -man is one of the world's strongest superhero. It also has so-called "wall -crawling " the same capacity as insects to cling to non-horizontal surfaces , to which he uses with ease to climb walls and ceilings without effort. His sixth sense arachnid warned of the danger which gives it an advantage throughout his fights. It is also one of the most agile superheroes and is a great balancing act. Through the work of his father, he was able to synthesize a glue that serves as canvas, that through projecting the canvas launcher attached to his wrist.

SPECIAL SIGN : An IQ of 170 points ,

Like any human beings, Peter Parker has weaknesses, as well as Spiderman. And his early fears are finding themselves in some powerless to rescue a way for his family and friends. He also has a fear which is quite complex due to his status, he fears death. He is still young , and he would not accept under any circumstances lose his life during a mission , or even whether natural . His fears are also its weaknesses. Knowing that some of his worst enemies know his secret identity , and today the situation worsens . But as good earth spider, Spiderman and Peter at the same time , have a phobia of water , because this element makes it rather ineffective in large quantities , thus giving a very strong irritating . Its weakness is also found in his desire to avenge his dead family members , and the desire for vengeance caused her transformation with the symbiote . Rest you there to know his weakness will spring again , and appeal again to the new suit he fears but enjoys the same time.
As his weaknesses, his family and friends are his strength, anything to help them, help them, save them.

Enemies: J. Jonah Jameson , Norman Osborn / The Green Goblin , Doctor Octopus , The Kingpin , Vulture , Electro, Mysterio , The Sandman and Kraven the Hunter, Tarantula , Luminex , The Hobgoblin , Jack O ' Lantern, the Beetle , Boomerang , Hydro -Man, Rhino, Speed ​​Demon , the Jackal , the Chameleon , Lizard , Scorpion , Puma, the Scourge , the Rose, the Shocker , Mr. Hyde, Venom , Carnage , etc. .
Hereditary enemy : The Hobgoblin , The Green Goblin