Bonjour, a tous et toute j'esper que vous pouriez m'aider pour mon dm.alors je vais vous donner la consigne. je dois enventer un conte de fée en anglais la consigne est.

ecris ton propre conte de fée. Pour rappel, un conte est une histoire contenant des elements magique et imaginaire racontés au passé ( Attention aux verbes irrégulier s).

mon conte devras commencer par "il etait une fois" et devra finir par " they lived happily ever after. tu devra imaginer diffents personnages dont 1 méchant qui en voudra à ton personnage. tu devras rediger 12 phrases minimum et inclure des adverbes finissant en "ly"



Once upon a time there was a magical creature in a big forest . He met someone one day who discovered his race and he fell in love with the person and they lived happily ever after.
Once upon a time in the wood of Magicland lived a little rabbit family. Kony the father, Zoe the mother and their 3 other children lived in a small house under the biggest tree of the entiere forest and even in the whole world. This tree was'nt just the biggest tree that ever existed but inside its roots, the tree had the purest gold that helped all the forests to form like an entity where everything went right and no problem could interrupt this sincerity. But one day, the most evil person on earth heard about this source of gold and wanted it to satisfy his needs of power and wealth. He was called "Uman", was 8 feets tall and was feared by every species on earth and especially in the wood of Magicland. One day, in a very bad mood he furiously decided to go in the wood to track down every stain of gold from this forest. The tree felt this and started to frantically tremble. Kony and Zoe saw it and went outside of the house to understand what was all about this noise. They directly understood that the forest was in danger and that they had to do something. They summoned every species from the forsest and even from others to help them. Uman was about to reach the forest when every animals hid in order to smartly trap him. He went straight in the trap when he tried to enter the wood. Suprinsingly, the hole they made was so deep that he was stuck in it without any escape solution. 
Ever since, nobody disturbed a second time this forest. The tree was grateful to all the animals and since then, legend says that we can read "Size doesn't matter, only cunning mind does" on its trunk.
After all these events, the little rabbit family lived happily ever after.