Kate middelton is norn on January the 9 1982 in Reading, England. She is very famous because she married William the son of prince Charles, the prince of Walles( the next king of England) . She mate prince William in 2001 in St andrew university. They married in Westminister Abbey, the wedding was very popular and many peoples all around the world watched it. It was on April the 29 th 2011. THey had a son named Georges in summer 2013.

Hi mimimona 

Barack Obama is important in many ways but most notably he is important because he is the first ever US president of an ethnic minority background. He has given hope to many people that becoming president is possible to everybody regardless on what background you have come from. 
You should also mention the things he has done in his first yr as presidency like enforcing the medical reform granting all Americans health care as 10% of Americans are uninsured. 
Also write about how he is also the first ever president to receive the nobel peace prize for his campaign on peace. 
For these above reasons, he is not only important because he is the president be moreover, he cares for every american citizen & gives hope to all people who wish to follow in his footsteps. 
He is seen an a iconic legend just like Martin Luther king who wished for equal rights. Because of Martin Luther, his dream of an equal world came true & we have just witnessed this when Barack became president.