Bonjour, j'ai un dm d'anglais pour cet après-midi et je galère trop :S quelqu'un pourrai m'aider svp ? J'ai mis des photo du texte et des questions et c'est un niveau de "terminale" merci d'avance :)
Ps: j'ai déjà fait les questions 1-2-3et4

Ou est ton devoir ?
désolé je vous dis la question il n'y a pas besoin du texte, je dois faire 120 mots sur la question "do you think avertising is useful or not ? justify your opinion
malheuresement, ton texte n'as pas été join...
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Advertising is usefull for the customers when you whant to buy something you know a lot of things about it, this is great.. But in some website they want you to buy something at any price. Now adverts are everywhere, on Tv, on the walls even in the places where we are not. I enjoy seeing adverts because we want to have this product but my parents don't agree because they have to pay for it

Meilleure réponse !
According to me Advertising is very useful and it is one of the important element of marketing process. By looking at advertisements of various brands of same product the customer or we can actually decide as to what we are actually looking for and can make one of them as our choice. This in turn is beneficial for both the company as well as to the customer. 

The customer gets a pre-knowledge of the product that he or she has to buy and hence time consumed is less at the retailer store and at the same time the consumer is satisfied. On the other hand, the company is able to generate pretty good revenue or profit and at the same time it is able to establish a market of its own depending on the demand of the customer. Advertisement is not just about products. Most of the time it is related to social issues which the society should be aware of and hence, advertisement is very important and useful .
merci beaucoup pour ta réponse , mais j'ai une autre question ^^ "Describe an ad you particularly like or dislike and say why (80 word minimum)
ok Jerem
I liked the advertisement of Coca-Cola ... The advert shows a picture of Santa Claus smiling and holding a bottle of Coke. I think the aim is to target children and associate the brand with Christmas time.The advert is interesting because the company is deliberately trying to influence and attract children. The marketers are trying to capture young customers. They are presenting the drink as something special, a gift for Christmas.
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