Bonjour ,j'ai une expression écrite en anglais sur le sujet : it´s difficult to come from two different cultures or two ethnic groups.mais j'ai aucune idée De par où commencer et de ce que je peux dire .Aidez moii s'il vous plait ,merciii en avance :)



I think that it's very difficult to come from two different cultures because you never know 

to which culture you really belong. 

Indeed your roots are in a country and your mind  and heart are in an other. Moreover people in one place make you feel you don't totally belong to them but on the other side they make you feel you're a traitor because they think you've dropped yout origins ( which is not true)
On the other hand, having two cultures is also such a cultural richness. and people should be glad to have the possibility to belong to two different cultures. You van talk fluently two different langages. You kow it helps a lot at school to be bilingual!!!
Also, you have the opportunity to travel often because your parents ttake you for a visit to their country of origin. American people talk about 'Tossed salad' , so why don't we do so in France?