je dois faire une petite rédaction sur un pays ou une ville de mon choix en anglais et comme google traduction n'est pas une tres bonne aide je vous demande de l'aide silvouplais

merci d'avance ; )

Tu peux prendre Paris
Paris is the capitale and the largest city in France with more than 2 million inhabitants. Paris is well-known for its architecture and its numerous monuments and museums, especially the Louvre Museum which is the biggest one in the world.
Paris is said to be the city of Love, because there are many romantic places....


Paris is the capital of France, there are six milion people who live there.
The famous monuments: The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

Paris est la capitale de la France, il y a six milions de personne qui y vivent.
Les monuments connu sont: La tour Eiffel et l'Arc de triomphe.

c'est un peu court pour une rédaction...
Budapest, Hungary. The coolest city I've ever lived in. Budapest has a character to it unlike any other city I've been to. It straddles the Duna (Danube) with historic Buda and Pest on either bank. Budapest was one of the twin capitals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Budapest and Vienna share some very common history. I've been to both cities, but Budapest is my favorite by far. Budapest features four distinct periods of history in the commingling architecture. The Empire, the Republic, the Comm
The Empire, the Republic, the Communist, and the Modern. There's history on every corner. The people are friendly and the economy is great if you have US Dollars. The nightlife is fantastic too. I would love to go back and plan on doing so someday.