Je ne trouve pas que les phrases font du sens parce que sa devait etre
1.what did the children do this afternoon?
They play football
2.barbara have a party next weekend?
she does not have a party

What are the children doing this afternoon? They're playing footbal

Is Barbara having a party next week end? No she isn't ( having a party)

en bas je ne vois pas 
SI C EST UNE QUESTION IL FAUT COMMENCER PAR what MAIS donne ta phrase en français, je vais te la traduire si tu veux
to be honest the book doesn't look right so i have no idea what they're talking about honestly
ok, I understand, we can't see properly what's written at the bootom of the page.So ..
yes exactly plus the sentences don't make sense at all so i can't tell what's written
well, never mind, drop it