My superhero is a girl , her name is Eletric-girl. Her real name is Mélanie. she is tall and skinny. Electic-girl is clever , very fast and cute. She's got curly black hair. She wears a blue mask and a cape with a flash symbol on her chest. She is able to run very fast, but her main supernatural power is that she can read your mind which is really useful in most situations. But she leads a double life. Nobody knows that she is a superhero, for at home, she is Melanie, the quiet wife of Brandon and the mother of two charming girls.And when she passes the foot outside, she turns, she immediately puts on his suit Electric girl. It is so strange to see people's thinking but what is good is that it can help according to their problem. She met her friend Emily had a lot of family problem but do not want to talk about probably because Electric-girl was a person unknown to the eyes of Emily! And yet ... Electric-girl was the best friend Emily. She noticed that Emily was not on his plate because just the day before she had asked Emily to eat. So she decided to look into the thoughts of Emily, actually ... She was completely shocked by this tragic drama. (je te laisse imaginer la suite....)