Since 1944, women have the right to vote in France. Yet 68 years later, women still face many inequalities and under-represented in positions of power.

For example, in the professional field, women's wages are 27% below those of men, all confondus.10 time work, 7% of employed women occupy a fixed-term contract, against 5.9% of men, all sectors. And women represent 81.9% of part-time employees. All these injustices have some impact: so women receive on average € 1,020 to € 1,636 against pensions for men, 62% of the pensions of men. In the political sphere, women represent 22.1% and 26.9% in the Senate of the National Assembly (against 18.5% in 2007).

Indeed, women are exposed to discrimination throughout their lives discrimination, to play at school, intensified in employment and continue to retire, mainly because of the cumulative effect of discrimination experienced during their journey (lower wages, less linear career ...). Discrimination against women are distinguished by the fact that they can also be combined with other forms of discrimination based on ethnic origin, age, family status, for example. It is not uncommon for specific violence in addition to such discrimination ...

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