How important is friendship in life? Do you make a difference between you real friends and the virtual friends you can have on a social network (facebook, twitter , myspace etc..) en 120 mots
bonjour jai a faire ce devoir en anglais svp pouvez vous maidez meme si c'est en français c'est pas grave c'est juste que je n'ai pas d'inspiration a ce sujet aussi.
merci d'avance



Friendship is one of the most beautiful and fragile relationships in the world . Our friends are our pillars of strength and give us the much needed support and comfort that we all seek in life . Spending time with true friends is one of the greatest joys in the world and many movies,songs,TV serials have been made as a tribute to this lovely relationship.
For me friendship is very important in my life it's not like the virtual friends that i didn't see them . They said that real friends they're always  next to you good and bad day's .
My real friends i spend all the time with them , for example when i have a problem and i didn't want to tell my parent's because i know that they will shoat on me i go and tell my friends maybe that they will give me some solutions . 

J'espére avoir aider un peu et bonne continuation .