Meilleure réponse !
Je suis pas sure de ca mais je vais essayer :/ on commence :

from : [email protected]
to:[email protected]
hi i'm writing to tell u i have moved to california . my life is totally different , i sent u an invitation to come to my home , the adress is in the invitation .
                                                                           lots of love and hugs :)
see u soon , i can't wait to see u ! 
and i want to apologize about a lot of things :
sorry because i was always saying to u i hate u because it was only s jealous and sorry because i didn't came to your parties ... but now i will always listen to your suggestions ... now all my life is different so let's turn a new white page :) 
je suis toujours faible en francais mon probleme est les redactions !
tu peux me mettre la meilleure ?
Je suis pareil :/
tu as reussi ? c'etait juste ?
J'ai fait presque seule en fin de compte, j'aurais ma note dans quelques jours je crois :) Je l'es rendu hier.