Bonjour :) pourriez vous m'aidez s'il vous plais
Merci a ceux qui m'aiderons

Je raconte la suite de cette histoire un peu suspecte. Voir en desous
1) Mon histoire doit etre cohérente
2) Je respecte la concordance des temps ( les deux prétérits)
3) Je suis compréhensible ( Choix pertinent du vocabulaire , syntaxe..)

The wind was blowing and the rain was falling. A dog was barking. Suddenly Amman entered a house when the door creaked .
Then the man was going up to the first floor while the bells were toring .He opened the door to the library and the found a safe .
When the man forced the safe he stole the money but a woman saw him she shouted but he ran away and escaped



Voici une petite suite jespere t'avoir aider :
The frightened to death woman went to refugier in the small barn has two pad from here!
The woman cried then she decida to go back(enter her) home!
When her husband seen as this he(it) have him(her) to ask what took place and she(it) cried in these arms the poor woman we had stolen from him(her) every his(her) money(silver) and in addition to that the thief it was run away!
What's to be done? That to say? She(it) went certainly fallen in a depression... It is what arrived month later it ended has these days there or we had all taken him(her)