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1;Relevez les verbes au prétérit, donnez leur base verbale et classez les en 2 colonnes (régulier/irréguliers)

Yesterday, Igot up at o'clok because it was Sunday. I only drank a glass of orange juice, had a skower ans I helped my mother prepare luch for a family meal. She cooked a chicken and I made an apple tard. My grandparents arrives at 1:30 and we ate at about 2pm. After lunch they went for a walk but I stayed at home and watched TV. What a borning Sunday!




helped cooked arrived stayed watched

Irregulier : Les autres
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Les verbes au prétérit sont: was, drank, had, helped, cooked, made, went, stayed, watched.

Les bases verbales de ces verbes sont: was-be, drank-drink, had-have, helped-help, cooked-cook, made-make, went-go, stayed-stay, watched-watch.

Les verbes irréguliers sont: was, drank, had, made, went.

Les autres sont réguliers.