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1;Relevez les verbes au prétérit, donnez leur base verbale et classez les en 2 colonnes (régulier/irréguliers)

Yesterday, Igot up at o'clok because it was Sunday. I only drank a glass of orange juice, had a skower ans I helped my mother prepare luch for a family meal. She cooked a chicken and I made an apple tard. My grandparents arrives at 1:30 and we ate at about 2pm. After lunch they went for a walk but I stayed at home and watched TV. What a borning Sunday!

2. Ecrivez ces phrases au prétérit et traduisez le marqueur de temps donné qui est entre parentheses!

a. I start scholl at 9 (samedi dernier).
b. Bob has lunch at the canteen (hier).
c. Lea calls her boyfriend (hier soir).
d. We see an accident (hier matin).
e. They go to London (le mois dernier).
f. You are holiday (la semaine dernière).

3. Mettez ces phrases à la forme négative.

a. We were at school in July.
b. I stayed at home last Saturday.
c. I went to the shopping centre on Monday.
d. I chat on the µNet yesterday morning.
e. My parents bought a new car last month.
f. I was i Paris on July 14th 2010.

4.Construisez des question au prétérit et répondez en utilisant les éléments donnés.

Example: You (go) to Spain last year? (+)/(-) Italy.
> Did you go to Spain last year? yes, I did/ No, I didn't. I went to Italy.

a. You (eat) chips for lunch? (+)
b. Ben (take) the train yesterday? (-) the bus
c. Sonya (see) her friends at the disco? (+)
d. They (be) by the sea?(-) in the country
e. Ringo (play) the guitard? (-) the drums.

5. Racontez le samedi des jumeaux Sam et Dick.

Example: Last Saturday they went to the stadium and played football from 3 to 5 pm.

a. go - play b. wath - call c. have - eat
d. have - brush - go f. take - come back

6.Ecrivez ces verbes au prétérit et traduisez-les. Il ne sont pas irréguliers.

listen to=

6: call: apeler, et au prétérit c'est: called


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call= called= appeler
chat= chatted= "papoter"
listen to= listened to= écouter
play= played= jouer
watch= watched= regarder
work= worked= travailler
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3- a) We weren't at school in July. b) I didn't stay at home last saturday. c) I didn't go to the shopping center on monday. d) I didn't chat on the net yesterday morning. e) My parents didn't buy a car last month. f) I wasn't in Paris on July 14th 2010.
Ex. 1 

Got⇒ Get ⇒ Irregular

Drank ⇒ Drink ⇒ Irregular

Had ⇒ Have ⇒Irregular

Helped ⇒ Help ⇒ regular

Cooked ⇒ Cook ⇒ regular

Made ⇒Make ⇒ Irregular

Arrived ⇒ Arrive ⇒ regular

Ate ⇒ Eat ⇒ Irregular

Went ⇒ Go ⇒ Irregular

Stayed ⇒ Stay ⇒ regular

Watched ⇒ Watch ⇒ regular 

Ex. 2

Last Saturday, I started school at 9 . 
Yesterday , Bob had lunch at the canteen. 
Last night, Lea called her boyfriend .
Yesterday morning, we saw an accident.
Last month, they went to London.

Ex. 3

We weren't at school in July.
I didn't stay at home last Saturday.
I didn't go to the shopping center on Monday.
I didn't chat on the Net yesterday morning.
My parents didn't buy a new car last month.
I wasn't in Paris on July 14th 2010.


Did you eat chips for lunch?
Yes, I did.

Did Ben take the train yesterday?
No, he didn't . He took the bus.

Did Sonya see her friends at the disco?
Yes, she did.

Are they by the sea?
No, they aren't . They are in the country.

Does Ringo play the guitar?
No, he doesn't. He plays the drums.


a) Last Saturday they went to the park and played rugby .
b) Last Saturday they watched TV at night and called for pizza at 9:00 pm for dinner.
c) Last Saturday they had their shower at noon and ate burgers for lunch.
d) Last Saturday they had ice cream at 4:00 pm and they brushed their teeth after they've finished.
e) Last Saturday they met their friends when the went to the park.
f) Last Saturday they went for a walk at 6:00 pm and they came back home at 7:00 pm.