Your best friends fells depressed and has some problems. You help him/her to feel better.Write the conversation. en 120 mots
Svp aidez moi meme si vous rédigez en français ce n'est pas grave c'est juste que je n'ai pas du tout d'inspiration .
merci d'avance



Hi, how are you today ? you feel better ?

Hi, not really. I just feel sad and a little bit depressed.

Oh, tell me why ?

It's because of my boyfriend, we just broke up yesterday.

Seriously ?? Don't be sad, i'm sure that you will be back together soon. He loves you more than everything, i'll be back. What is the reason of your break up ?

I don't know, just a stupid conflit because i was jealous of his best friend. She is beautiful and they are close so i just told him to choice between I and her.

Try to think about something else and have fun. Like i said he loves you so don't worry about this conflict, you know it's normal to be jealous and to hassle sometimes when you are in couple. It's the same for everyone.

Yeah, but i feel guilty for what happened, i mean it's all my fault !

Trust me, everything gonna be alright don't worry

If you say it, i hope so.

 Bref j'espere que j'ai pu t'aider, je n'ai pas eu le courage de compter les mots désoler !
aayiii cest trop bien merci beaucoupp de ton aide et cest pas gravre :-)
Haha derien ca fait plaisir d'aider ;)