quel est le sens de have dans les phrase suiante:

i have bought a new dictionary.

our house has six rooms.

you didn't have to do that.

did you have a good stay?

we have to leave early.

mettre les phrase suivantes à la forme négative:

you should visit your grandmother.

I've already been to england.

they were happy to meet their friends.

he can play the piano very well.

she loves him.

they must turn right.

she's coming tomorrow.

mettre les phrase suivantes à la forme interrogative:

my parents are at home.

her brother plays chess.

molière wrote this play.

they saw him in the garden.

the train will arrive at 2 pm.

i want to go swimming.

peter needs to buy new shoes.

she's coming tomorrow.



You shouldn't visit your grandmother .
I haven't been to England yet .
They weren't happy to meet their friends .
He can't play the piano very well.
She doesn't love him.
They mustn't turn right .
She wasn't coming tomorrow.

Where are your parents?
What does your brother play?
Who wrote this play?
Where did they see him?
When will the train arrive?
What do you want to do?
What does Peter need to buy?
When is she coming?