Write a paragraph about a current phenomenon you want to denounce. je le fais sur la pollution
Be as clear and convincing as you can. Use link words (and illustrate with ewamples if possible)

Argument : explanation : example
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how long should the paragraph be , 300 words
au moins 10 linge


Pollution is nothing but "too much of something at wrong place" and environmental pollution is generally defined as the unfavorable alternations of our surroundings through the various actions of man himself. The undesirable and excessive substances that are released As., the by-products of man's actions, can affect air, water and land and adversely and alter the natural quality of our environment. Substances that are responsible for the alternations of environment are called pollutants and the total chain of actions as "environmental pollution". Hence it is nobody else than man himself is the real cause of environmental pollution. Environmental pollution can be well understood if we study its sources and effects. Pollution is contamination of land, air and water. Motor vehicles are in abundance in big cities as well as there are numerous factories and industries also. Motor vehicles emit carbon monoxide and hydro­carbons. The factories contaminate air by smoke. Noise of factories results in sound pollution and waste of factories pollutes water and land. Plastic is another big nuisance causing pollution. It never decays. If we burn it. It pollutes air. If we dump it into river or sea it pollutes water. Chemical fertilizers used by farmers are another source of pollution to land and water. In order to check pollution the polluted water from factories should be treated before it is disposed of in rivers. Plastic and other material should be recycled. New techniques should be adopted in motor vehicles. These measures can solve the problem of pollution.
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