Bonsoir, en ce moment nous travaillons sur le film '' Titanic '' en anglais, et la question est: what do you learn about the society in 1912?

Mais je n'arrive pas à trouver de réponses à la question, pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît



Meilleure réponse !
I learn about the society in 1912 the following :

 The prime importance during the early twentieth century of the concept of ‘class’; the upper and lower class system where by the lower class should know their place.

In the film ‘Titanic’ James Cameron has highlighted the concept of class by positioning the story of Jack and Rose against the backdrop of the sinking of the Titanic. The fact is that the two characters are from the two extremes of the class system. Rose appears to be from the wealthiest of families (although we later discover that all the family wealth has disappeared) whilst Jack has won his ticket on the Titanic in a game of cards. The conflict in the story arises from this ‘love across the classes’.

Whilst this on board romance is itself a fiction, it is a fiction which highlights the social conditions of the day. Also, Rose’s character, her demand for independence and the expectations that Cal Hockley,Rose’s fianc6 has for when they marry, also raises the issue of the social position of women at the time.

There is a comment made at one point in the film that women only go to university to find a husband (a comment which was still being used in the 1930’s - as cited by feminist Simone de Beauvoir in her autobiography ‘Le deuxième sexe (1949) translated as The Second Sex (1953)).

Another issue of the time that is raised by the film is that of race. As the ship sinks, many of the third or steerage class passengers, who cannot speak English, have no way of knowing what they should do,consequently they fail to escape. Additionally, we also see the differences in culture between the two classes - the strict and ordered world of first class and the spirited life of steerage.
Il faut que vous parliez de l'émigration, du point de vue des USA à cette époque, parce que à la base Le film "TITANIC" c'est un paquebot qui doit faire une traversé pour l'Amérique. (En parlant de tout ça, vous pouvez argumentez sur les condition de travail en Angleterre et au Usa)