Bonjour pouvez vous me dire si se texte veut dire quelque chose ou pas et si il ya des fautes merci d'avance

The tapestry will be white and purple with a bed mezzanines purple. Hung on(collided) on the ceiling there will be golden stars and multicolored lamp. A white office(desk) with golden reflections then color door lavender. A big dressing room gilt.

juste me dire les mots faut sil vous plait es si sa veut dire quelque chose en francais


Meilleure réponse !
The tapestry will be white purple with a mezzanine purple bed. Hanging from the ceiling will there be golden stars and a multicolored lamp. There will be a white desk with golden reflections and a lavender coloured door. There will also be a big dressing room gilt.
*The tapestry will be white and purple with...