Bjr a tous pourriez vous m aider en anglais je doit choisir une association et dire ce quel fait en quoi elle aide les gens. . . ces pour ce marin aider moi svppp

je pense faire comme le secours populaire
mais je sais pas trop
ce doit être long?
Sinon parles de la NRA (National rifle association). Elle aide les gens à défendre leurs territoires et à revendiquer leurs lois ;)


Secours populaire is a non-profit making association. Its Financial support comes mainly from gifts, legacies and donations. Its purpose is to fight against poverty and exclusion in France and throughout the world. 
Secours populaire is particularly concerned with problems of exclusion: it provides aid based on food, clothing and also emergency housing . SPF supports individuals and families  too in their rights and lives.
All around the world, Secours Populaire also responds to emergency or development projects and is therefor working closely with a wide local associations network.
merci mais faut l inventer l association mais ses tres tres gemtille
je vais faire contre la faim
Donc, une association qui n'existe pas?
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L'ONU (Organisation des Nations Unies):
The UN (united nations) is an association that fights for the good agreement between the Member States, as well as for human rights and against any terrorist attacks. Its purpose is to grant freedom to guarantee security and to make them comply with the Country.

Bonne journée à toi! :)