Es-ce-que quelqu'un pourrais m'aider a tout traduire en anglais ce dialogue, je suis tres nul en anglais, s'il vous plait ? C'est moi qui l'aie fait en français.

- Hello, I'm glad to be here too, I'm all yours !
Where and where were you born ?
-I was born in Houston the 4th of September 1981.
-Where were you at school during your childhood ?
-What were your favorite activities ?
-I was in elementary school St Mary in Texas.
It was dances classes, ballet courses and modern jazz dance.
-Have you already love the singing when you were a child ?
-Oh yeah, in talking about this, it was my dance teacher who discovered my talent in singing
Then Where did you went to school?
-In 1990, at the age of 7, my mother enroll me at Parker elementary school,
specialized in music in Houston. Then I went at High School for the performing
and visual Arts, I also entered at the Alief Elsik High School.
-At what age have you registered a song in a studio for the first time ?
-At the age of 9, it was with a R'n'B' producer of the East cost of Arne Frager
and with 3 friends of mine.
-Did you have a band name ?
- Yeah, it was " Girl'l Tyme ". But thereafter it changed, it became Destiny's child
- At this time, what were your parents situation ?
- They were married but thez separated when i was 14 years old.
- When did you start singing in solo?
- In 2000, I start singing in solo
- When have you won your first Grammy Awards ?
- In 2004, during the 48 ceremony of the Grammy Awards.
Merci beaucoup


- Hello Beyonce, I'm glad that you came. I have many questions to ask you.
- Hello. I'm very happy to come you know. Let's start the interview, I will answer all of your questions.
- Where were you born, and when?
- I was born in Houston, the 4th of September 1981.
- What school were you attending during your childhood? And what were your hobbies?
- I was in St Mary's elementary school in Texas. As for my hobbies, I attended dance courses - ballet and modern jazz dances.
- Did you love singing when you were young?
- Oh yes, a lot! Speaking of which, that's my dance teacher who discovered I had a gift for singing.
- And then, what school were you attending?
- In 1990, my mother enrolled me in the High School for The Performing and Visual Arts and I also attended the Alief Elsik High School.
- When was the first time you recorded a song in a music studio?
- When I was 9, it was with Arne Frager,  a R'nB' producer of the West Coast. I was with 3 friends of mine.
- Had you a name for the band?
- Yes, Girl's Tyme. But then, we recalled the band Destiny's Child.
- During this period, what was your parents' situation?
- They were married and they divorced when I was 14.
- When did you launch your solo career?
- I set out on a solo career in 2000.
- When did you win a Grammy Award for the first time?
- in 2004, during the 48th Grammy Awards Ceremony