Aidez-moi svp c pour demain

Complète par "was","were" ou "did".

1) What _____________ he visit in London?

2) ____________ the weather fine? Yes, it ____________.

3) ____________ you enjoy your holiday? No, I ___________n't.

4) Why ___________ you absent yesterday? Because I ___________sick.

5) When __________ your parents go to New York?

6) ______________ you born in Paris? Yes, I _________

Aidez moi svp svp c pour demain aidez moi svp !!!!
Aidez moi svp svp svp svp !!! <3 <3


1) What did he visit in London?
2) Was the weather fin ? Yes, it was
3) Did you enjoy ... ? No I didn't
4) Why were you absent yesterday ? Because I was sick
5) When did your parents go to NY..
6) Were you born in Paris? Yes I was
Merci beaucoup, tu t juste tromper a la 4) c deux fois was