Faire un résumé de l'histoire en anglais

aider moi en urgent voici le lien :

enfainte c'est un petit dialogue
oui, j'ai remarqué, mais il manque une partie du texte
j'ai regardé sous mon livre ya que cette extrait
vous avez raison il me manque une partie que je vais poste


Meilleure réponse !
The funder of the environment organization " adopt a highway" talks to a texan class this morning. He explains  what his project consists of and asks the children whether they would agree to adopt a highway. If they join the organization , they commit themselves to clean a 2 miles portion of a highway for 2 years. It is an act of citizenship and they finally all agree to join the program. A small discussion starts about other causes of pollution on the roads, but the teacher thanks the funder and proproses to continue the debate after his leaving.