J'ai trois exercice d'anglais pour oui je suis pas du tout forte en anglais...merci d'avance.
Le 1er exercice est la première photo...

Le 2ème exercice il faut compléter les phrases suivantes avec used ou didn't use to :

a) We...........have so many things but were happy
b)We.............have long walks in the countryside and enjoy nature.
c)I...........go for ride on my pony every Sunday.
d)We.........produce so much waste and nature was less polluted.
e) cars, and there was no vehicle pollution.

Le 3ème exercice est sur la 2ème photo, si vous ne voyer pas très bien redemander
moi....Voilà voilà merci d'avance à tous...

Bonne soirée



Meilleure réponse !

a) didn't use to
b) used to
c) used to 
d) didn't use to
e) didn't use


a) He used to live in New York City but now he lives in a small town in the country .
b) He used to live in a large apartment but now he lives in a wooden house .
c) He used to work for 90 hours a week but now he works for a reasonable time .
d) He used to use electricity but now he uses solar energy .  


a) People are aware of the dangers of their behavior on our planet .
b) In the country , people don't burn plastic waste in their gardens anymore .
c) People do take advantage of public transport.
d) People do recycle enough .
e) People don't have a bath everyday anymore .
f) People don't throw toxic liquids in the rivers anymore.