faire un paragraphe avec les éléments suivants: NAME: Jackson MEMBER FAMILYS: Tony (father), 48 - Shirley (mother), 46 - Charlene 16 1/2 NATIONALITY: british ( arrival in Australia on july 11th, 1992) ADDRESSE: 46, kirribilli avenue, sydney 2000 ARRIVAL IN SYDNEY: 21 may, 1995 (moved out from canberra, australia's capital city) FATHER'S JOB: architect MOTHER'S JOB: nurse PET: joey, a kangaroo ( 2 years old )




Il faut parler de la famille ? si oui c'est simple

This is Jackson family. The father called Tony, he's 48, the mother is Shirley and she's 46. Their daughter is called Charlene, she's sixteen and a half.

Their nationality is Brisith but they arrived in Australia on July 11th 1992.

They live at 46 Kirribilli avenue Sydney 2000.

They arrive in Sydney on may 21th 1995 because they moved out from canberra, which is  australia's capital

The Father's job is architect and the mother is nurse

They have a kangaroo who name is Joey