Bonsoir très urgent j'étais malade et je viens tout juste d'être au courant du devoir.
Il faut que je traduise tout ce texte en anglais.
Si vous pouvez me traduire au moins un paragraphe svp !

3 exerices de géo apparament facile mais pour moi non
quelle classe ?
je te le fais le mieux que je peux puisque je suis encore là , ok?
c'est super, merci !


A female corpse was found this night in a manor house in the Scotland by the sister of the victim, Hélène Stoners.
During the storm, strange noises  were heard by both witnesses, Hélène and her stepfather.
A long shout was pushed by the victim before her death and a sentence was murmured.  A flecked binding was mentioned. (? je ne sais pas : ruban a différents sens: j'ai choisi rebord de vêtement taché, mais hors contexte!)
One week ago, the victim had been arrested because she had struck her stepfather during a quarrel. She had been freed the next day.
It would be possible that the victim was murdered.
An investigation began this morning : the scene of the death was drawn and fingerprints were collected.
Witnesses will be questioned by the police tomorrow. Sherlock Holmes was called to solve this mystery. It is the best detective of England : the truth will be discovered!