Vous etes le représentant pour i-kid compagnie de téléphone.Votre entreprise a concu un nouveau téléphone mobile pour les enfants.Vous etes au téléphone vous voulez persuader M.Smith,le directeur d'une entreprise d'adopter et de vendre ce produit dans son pays.Ecrire le dialogue.Vous allez présenter vos arguments et les réactions de M.Smith et contre arguments



You Hello, may I speak to Mr. Smith?
Mr. Smith This is Mr. Smith.
you Hi, Mr. Smith. My name is ********* and I am calling from . How are you today?
Mr. Smith I'm fine, thanks.
you As you may or may not know, I-Kid company for telephones  is one of the oldest and best-known telephone kit and telecommunication  in the world, with a reputation for high-quality , excellent maintenance service, and timely delivery. Mr. Smith, could you tell me if you sell telephones for kids?
Mr. Smith Sure we do .
you Oh , that's great !! So , you might like to add our class A products in kid's phones to your line of selling products .
Mr Smith Well , I would surely love to , but unfortunately I am representing several brands here in my country .
You I know that very well Mr. Smith , that's why I've selected your esteemed company to represent our products , and that's why we've prepared a very special offer for you .
Mr. Smith Wow , this is attractive , now you are talking business !!!! so, should I know what is your offer ?
You Well Mr. Smith it's a long proposal and since I am here in town I would prefer to have a meeting with you at your office .
Mr. Smith Okay, well, I suppose I could see you tomorrow at 10:00 am
you Great , I'll be there on time .
 Mr. Smith Ok , bye .