Voici un exemple d'introduction qui traite des échanges sur les réseaux sociaux.

I chose the topic "Spaces and Exchanges" for my presentation. I will start, first, to define those two concepts because they have several meanings. What is a space? The simplest definition states that a space is an area, a land which is occupied or not. It is true that this sentence is quite open but it allows us to explore all concepts that this notion evokes. As for exchanges, the dictionary define them as an act of giving something and receiving something in return. An exchange implies a space because we need a certain place to give and received something, that's rather obvious. But do spaces and exchange have to be necessarily physical? In other words, is an exchange always about material things and is a space always actual? The answer is 'no' because a conversation is an intangible exchange which can be made in a virtual space - the Internet. 
Nowadays, the Internet is becoming the main way of exchanging, finding or providing information and platforms where created to make those exchanges easier: social networks. Whatever their configuration, they aim at relaying messages, which are addressed to a specific person or a whole community. Plus, social networks are environments in which communities can exist and exchange information.
Now we can ask the following question: are social networks just tools to amplify communications or can they be considered as a revolution in terms of social interactions?

1) cette introduction amène la problématique suivante: les réseaux sociaux peuvent-ils amener cette révolution de l'information qu'on évoque tant ou sont-ils simplement un autre moyen de communiquer avec ses pairs? 
2) Cette problématique implique un regard critique sur les réseaux sociaux
3) Tu peux utiliser le plan suivant: thèse / anti-thèse 

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