This picture is about country which are destroying forest. We can see 3 men in a tree, representing India, the USA, and China. They are cutting the tree, and saying that they won't stop until the other do stop. Under the tree, we can see alot of other people and animals, who seem to be waiting for the 3 men to stop. Trees are part of their life environement and if there is no more trees, animals will die, and so are humans, because they won't be able to breathe anymore. 
On the top of the picture, we can see a sun hidding behind a cloud. It seems to be worried and scared. He has to be worried about the earth future. The solution would be for the 3 men to stop cutting forest!  

Tu pourrais l'introduire dans le texte stp?
To find a solution to this problem, countries should search for an other way to built, without any wood, to preserve forests! They should reduce papers utilisation and do recycling. It will allow a sustaible developpment for next generations, and save trees, animals, and even humans, in a long run. tu peux mettre ça directement à la fin. Et tu peux rajouter que le soleil qui se cache annonce un futur très sombre pour la terre. "The fact that the sun is hidding tells us that the future seems to
be dark for the earth" ;) c'est bon?
MERCII tu me sauves la vie!!
De rien! Bon courage! :)