Bonjour, je dois faire un exposé en Anglais, mais j'ai pas du tout d'inspiration, pouvez vous m'aider? Mon objectif est de devoir convaincre des gens à venir visiter le pays que j'ai choisi, j'ai pris le canada, je dois dire un maximum de chose pour attirer le maximum de tourisme, tout ça en Anglais bien sûr. Merci d'avance :)



Canada is in North America , it is the second largest in the world after Russia with an area of ​​9.9 million square kilometers of the country 's two official languages ​​are English and French, Canada is one of the richest countries in the world .
Its capital is Ottawa , its largest city is Toronto.
You can visit many cities such as Toronto, Montreal ( Quebec metropolis , it hosted the 1967 World's Fair and the Summer Olympic Games in 1976 ) , Vancouver ( Canada's third largest metropolitan area . Vancouver hosted the Olympic Games winter 2010) , Churchill ( world capital of the polar bear ) as you see every cities have their history ... from coast to coast, Canada is full of unexpected wonders that awaken the explorer in you.
We play golf all year round, you can see Niagara Falls , Churchill or you find polar bears, Northern Lights Wildlife Canada , Banff / Lake Louise , events and festivals ...

Et voila, je t'ai donné quelques idées tu peux approfondir si tu veux.... :)