Je suis dans un entretien d'embauche pour un poste de PDG.
Et je dois répondre aux questions de mon interlocuteur.

Il reste à corriger mes fautes :3

Can you introduce yourself ? My name is Laurine, I’m seventeen years old and I live in ******.

For which position are you applying ? I applying for a job of chairman and managing direction

Give me information about your school training ? I started by B-TECH national in secretarial I obtained a BTEC Higher National Diploma Recently, I had a Master’s degree in business.

Give me information about your experience ? I made a work placement at the Prefecture in Périgueux, in the service of stranger, at the reception and with a directress of the service of Regulation Civil Liberties Management department. Then, I went in an accounting firm during four weeks and I realized a last work placement in a company in the service of business management.

Why are you interested in the job, what are your qualities ? I’m very interested by this job because I enjoy the positions a high responsibilities, it’s like a challenge for me because all employees lives depend on us and our capacities. I think, I have a strong personality while discreet. I have a good ability in negotiation and I’m conscientious, straightforward.

You are a girl, I want a man ! It isn’t the physical appearance that counts in a post high responsibility but, it’s inside: this is his personality.



Meilleure réponse !
2eme ligne: I AM applying
I am interested IN this job ligne12
ligne13: I enjoy positions WITH high responsabilities 
14: all employees LIVE DEPENDING ON THEIR capacities (si c'est ce que tu voulais dire) 
Ce sont les fautes que j'ai relevé... mais c'est bien sinon! :)