Meilleure réponse !
The picture shows the reception hall of the AJAX company.  A smiling robot is sitting at the front desk .Downside the picture, there is mentioned "We tried humans but they were not nice enough." On the background, at the right, 2 humans obviouly don't dare to come in and are watching the robot.
Actually, this picture might seem funny at first sight but it isn't at all. I would even say it is pretty scarry. The drawing shows a world where robots are idealized and they replace humans at the satisfaction of the employer. Is this impossible?
Not at all! Since the late 50's , the machine has taken a growing part in the industrial process  and finally caused a job destruction. Same phenomenon with the advent of computerization in the 70's.
Nowadays, robotics is in our home and is helpful.
But it would not be astonishing that robots come to our service in 20 years time. And then, we will start to worry for our faith but it's going to be too late.