Mon dialogue est pour demain alors c'est urgent svp ..
Un meurtre a été commit, le policier interroge un homme ( une suspect ) il le harcele de questions, car il est persuader que cet homme est le meurtrier .. et a la fin il faudrait une question qui lui fasse avouer son meurtre ...
Svp c'est urgent, je l'aurais bien fait moi meme mais je m'y connais pas en anglais !



Hey , come here , what is your name ?
George .

Where are you from ?
I am from Mexico .

How old are you George ?
I'm 26 years old , sir .

What have you been doing last night ?
well , hmmmm ,,, well , I took my girlfriend out for a dinner .

Where at ?
Auuummmm to Burger King .

At what time exactly ?
Well , I don't remember sir but I think at 8:30 pm .

what is this blood on you jeans George ?
Well , eeerrrrr aamm , no no no , I think it's ketchup .

You killed her !!!!
No no no never . Why should I kill Nancy .

How did you know her name then ?
Well , I admit , I killed her .