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The departure for England has was very difficult, I has was crying when I saw the earth of England going away. The journey was very hard, storms, the cold or the heat, the diseases, hunger. We almost had nothing to eat, the boat was full. I was sick, and there was a lot of death on the way. 

I have was very happy when I saw the earth of Australia.

I have again a lot to learn on Australia because it is a very big country.Today my health fits better and I eat to my hunger. I work a lot since our arrival.

I think a lot of you. 

Your son who loves you and will never forget you.
Mummy, leaving England was veryy difficult I cryied when I saw the earth of England going away. The trip was very hard, storms, coldness or heat, diseases, hunger. We had almost nothing to eat, the ship was full. I've been sick and a lot of people died en the way.. I was so happy when I saxw Australia"s eath. I still have a lot to learn about Australia because it's a huge country. Now my health is better and
I eat what I need. I work a lot since we arrived. I think a lot about you. Your son who loves you and wil never forget you. John; La réponse de Tatiana a été postée avt ; à toi de faire ton 'mx' entre les 2. J' ai peut-être fait bcp de fautes de frappe, je retrouve plus mes lunettes!!!!!! Good luck