aider-moi s'il vous plait je commence mon cours d'anglais à 10h30

1)regarde l'agenda du president des etas-unis.prepar-toi!tu vas parler de ce qu'il fait souvent ou parfois.

2)regarde ton agenda du mois en cours.prepar-toi!es-tu aussi occupe que le president?parle de tes habitudes et de tes loisirs pendant 30 secondes.

je vous ecris ce qui est crit dans l'agenda du president


3 boston

8 lunch at the white house

9 meeting with the vice president

10 san francisco conference

11 new york

12 lunch at the white house

13 chicago

14 baseball game

15 meeting with the vice president

16 houston

17 lunch at the white house

18 paris france

19 paris france

20 lunch at the white house

21 meetind with the vice president



Good morning  (good afternoon) Mister President : 
Do yiu often travel in your country?
Which was te most important visit and why in January
How many times a month do you meet the vice-president? Could it be the same in January or March? Can you explain why?
I guess you often have lunch at the White House? What is the purpose : friendly or more political...? Did you have a lot in J anuary? Could you have more?
 What is the last foreign country you've been visiting or may be only going to to visit the President of this country? But in that case, do you have private time for you and your wife or is it just profesinal?
Do you like sports? Which one is your favorite?
INTERVIEWEUSE : Basketball !!! Oh my god , I love basketball !!!  I would like so much to se the NBA team. I'm fond of Tony Parker and thie son of Yannick Noah (the french tennisman). I think his name is Joachim Noah. He studied in the states? Do you know them?  Let's forget about thiis formal interview and could you have time to talk a little about basketball?