Bonjour, j'ai un exposer a rendre demain et il fallait le faire au superlatif comparatif et au prétérit l'expose est ce que vous pouvez me dire si dans mon texte il y a des fautes s'il vous plait je c'est que c'est long mais aider moi s il vous plait:

hi ,
biography :
Rita Ora Sahatçiu (born 26 November 1990 ) is a singer -songwriter and actress
his Genre is contemporary RnB, pop
first studio album, Ora (2012) , debuted at number one in the UK , and
gave birth to a simple " RIP " and " How We Do (Party ) " number. After
reaching the peak position as an act featured on DJ Fresh " Hot Right
Now" , Ora became the artist with the most number one singles on the UK
Singles Chart in 2012. Ora has a mezzo -soprano vocal range . She was nominated for three awards at the BRIT Awards 2013, including the Brit Award for Best British Breakthrough Act .
rita ora is my favorite singer.
I think rita ora :
this is my best singer
she is crazier than me
it is more generous than other celebrities,
she is the most talented celebrity in England
she is more talkative than other celebrities
it is most interesting ;
this is the least selfish of celebrity in England

je te rectifie un peu ça attends.


-she's born on.
-her pas his bc c'est une fille.
-her musical genre.
-What I think about Rita.
-She's more generous.
-she is the most talented all of England's celebrities.
-she is the best singer.
-she's most interesting.
-she's the least selfish than all of England's celebrities.
Voilà, sinon ton texte est super, bravo. :))