J'ai besoin d'aide je dois faire un résumé en anglais par rapport au texte ci -joint est ce vous pouvez m'aider s'il vous plait. (Je dois utilisé les mots: To begin with/ First/ Secondly/ Then/ After/ At last / finally)
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The Danger of Myspace and Facebook for Your Children
StefanieYahoo Contributor Network
Mar 5, 2007 "Share your voice on Yahoo websites. 
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·       MORE: ·       Online Bullying ·       Child Predators FlagPost a comment Millions of people mainly teenagers are jumping on the myspace and facebook bandwagon. While these sites look innocent on the outside and most kids use it to stay connected with friends, it can be a cesspool for rapists and child predators. Many kids on facebook and myspace post pictures, full name, addresses, the school they attend and even cell phone numbers. All this information is easily accessible at the click of a button to anyone. These sites are providing child predators with the exact information they need to track down kids right at their own front door. Most parents are still in the dark about these sites and often don't know what their children are up to when they see them sitting at their computers clicking away. On myspace and facebook are young teens posting pictures of themselves practically naked, drinking and doing many other things that would turn on a predator and shock parents. Parents need to be made aware of what is going on in their own homes. There are many programs available for parents to purchase in order to monitor emails, instant messages, and what websites they have visited. While these programs are great and should be put in place in every home, parents need to also open the lines of communication between their kids. The truth is it's the parents who have paid for the computer and continue to pay for the Internet each month therefore you have the absolute right to ask your child about their sites. You have the right to see their myspace accounts and face book accounts. There are kids out there who are only thirteen years old posing as thirty-six year old women in order to attract older men. The land of the Internet isn't innocent by any means, it's an assembly of stalkers, predators, rapists, and identity theft. While there are nice things about myspace and facebook they aren't worth the horrible things that can happen if your child isn't careful.  
whaou, c'est long! Est-ce que les mots dont tu dois te servir doivent être utillisés ds l' ordre? Un résumé d'environ combien de lignes ,
Non les mots ne sont pas à mettre dans l'ordre. Je ne sais pas ma prof n'a pas précisé, sur mon devoir maison c'est juste marqué : Now, you can write a summary of the article, use link words: to begin with/first/ secondly/ then/ after/ at last / finally.