Bonsoir j'ai besoin d'aide en anglais il faut que je raconte un week-end avec mon cousin a Paris il faut que j'explique qu'on est parti a la Toutr Eiffel etc ..... Il me faut 10-15 lignes Merci d'avance

mais...tu as vue quoi dit ..! :3 coment on va savoir ?? l'alignement de l'arc de triomphe la facade de la cathédrale Notre Dame ?
??! hhahah ? O.o :3
pk tu ri ??


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Last week end, my cousin and I decided to go to Paris. Since we are under 25 years old we had cheap train tickets.
We arrived in Paris and we were eager to visit some of the famous places we've heard about. The Eiffel Tower " was the first  attraction we visited. Of course we didn't take the stairs but it was easer to take the lift. The sightseeing from the Eiffel Tower is so wonderful. We admire the city of Paris from the 3rd floor.

Ater a while we decided to go and have a look at the world famous Grevin Museum. How funny it is to see most of the well known presidents , actors and others having their wax statue there.. It was amazing!

Many others monuments were visited. We had a great fun in Pais. I understand now why Paris is said to be the most wonderful city in the world.I completely agree !