bsr! svp je vous serais très reconnaissante si vous m'aider je ne suis pas très bonne en Anglais c'est un article que je doit faire en dix ligne, merci (de m'aider )
After watching a documentary about child labour and it negative impacts on little kids on a tv channel, you decided to write a ten-line article in a local magazine in which you try to highlight the drawbacks of this issue and suggest possible solutions to help reduce its effects



Nowadays, more than 250 millions of childrens works in the world whose more than 150 millions in the dangerous conditions. Indeed, different kind of works are imposed, like the industrial work, the agriculture, and the household services especially for girls. These ones are the main victims of this child traffic, while that of boys is equally unacceptable, they are low, more vulnerable and are often exploited in prostitution.
c'est juste une introduction mais je ne donne pas de solutions pour reduire le travail des enfants
merci :)