grey is my favorite colour !
M'y favorise colour id blue !
grey is my favorite colour ( GRIS) because it reminds me of my grandparent's' hair, my grandparents that I love so much. Grey is also the colour of the clouds on a cloudy autum afternoon. Grey is the colour of the old photographs that used to tale my father when he was a teenager etc...
j'ai déjà fait pour le bleu!
my favorite colour is green


Blue is my favorit color
my favorite color is green because it reminds me of the color of nature
yes indeed. It also reminds me the beautiful wide eyes of my girl friend , it reminds me sping when all the trees take a light pale green colour. It reminds me of the tender grass on which my friend and I used to roll on....etc
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La question est: what's your favourite colour/ Réponse

blue is my favourite colour 

pourquoi= why?

because BLUE is the colour of my boyfriend's eyes . Blue remimds me of the blue sky when the weather is fine, BLUE is laso the colour of the sea when it's warm etc