Bonjour a tous, pouvez vous me corriger les fautes please... merci Your task: Write a letter to support Fair Trade. Dear Sir, I am a French teenager who just learns the bad news about the earthquake catastrophe in Haiti. I am writing to you to express why the textile companies have to join the Fair Trade. You can see the catastrophe was terrible about the country of Haiti, more than two million Haitians are living in squalid makeshift camps, and others are living in the homes of generous family and friends. They need money so they need jobs. But we have the solution; we have an international aid for Haiti. The international community and business leaders have helped develop the garment industry on the island. For example, the price paid in a US store for 1 suit is 550 dollars but the factory profit margins is, approximately 22%. And a garment worker’s pay is almost 3.09 dollars the day. How one woman uses her pay; she sleeps on the street and a cup of rice, more transports to and from work. To conclude, this “Fair Trade” is the better for people and the environment. And you can feel good wearing clothing that is produced with quality of products, as well as quality of life, in mind. Looking forward to seeing your signature on the Fair Trade Federation Yours sincerely, SIMON BAUDRY. Merci d'avance pour l'aide



Ta tout bon et tout est correct même les verbes Bravo !!!